A Visual Introduction to SQL, Second Edition

A Visual Introduction to SQL
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ISBN 0471412767

A basic understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) should be part of every IT professional's arsenal. A Visual Introduction to SQL, by David Chappell and J. Harvey Trimble, Jr., provides a unique tool for acquiring this understanding. Rather than focusing on a specific vendor's SQL dialect, the book introduces the essential core of the language. And by diagramming each query, the book shows how the apparent complexity of SQL can be made readily understandable using a simple visual representation.

Creating the Book’s Example Database with SQL Server Management Studio (thanks to Jim Eddy)

An Example of the Book's Visual Approach:

Review Comments

"A well written book that has passed the test of time"
The Open Sourcery

"When it comes to SQL, I recommend A Visual Introduction to SQL."
Bob Zurek, DBMS Magazine

"Clear and simple diagrams . . . valuable for even the seasoned user of relational databases."
BYTE Magazine

"A useful book for somebody new to databases and query languages."
Computing Magazine, London

"A very powerful approach . . . I was very impressed."
Computing Reviews

Table of Contents

  • Introducing SQL
  • Elements of the Language
  • Retrieving Data From a Table: The SELECT Statement
  • More On SELECT
  • Retrieving Data From Several Tables: Joins
  • Queries Within Queries: Subqueries
  • Creating and Destroying Tables
  • Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Records
  • Views
  • Granting and Revoking Privileges
  • Advanced Topics